Tips for Creating a Landing Page for Online Gambling Ads

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As we mentioned earlier, pre-landing and landing pages are the key stages in the converting funnel for online gambling. After all, they are the ones who retain the user and push him to make a deposit here and now.

How to create a working landing page?

It is vital to remember that the landing page should not be intrusive, it should entertain the user, and push him to spend large sums gently. There are two main approaches to creating a landing page that converts.

  1. Use gamification elements.

When a user participates in such games, it encourages him to play even more, as it causes excitement and entertains him. In addition, after the user has won, you can invite him to register to receive prizes.

You can also lure him with free spins and bonuses, there is a large room for your creativity!

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  1. Tell real stories.

This is the proven and unobtrusive way to attract more people to your offer. The user goes to a page and reads about the winning story of an ordinary person, and this will make him believe that he can also become a winner!

Your task is to place the button on the landing page in an obvious place, preferably at the bottom of the text. After reading the text, he’ll be more inclined to try your offer and his luck.

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Tips on landing page creation

  • You should create it in a very user-friendly way. The user does not need to wonder how to make a deposit, leave his data, or get long-awaited prizes and bonuses. Everything should be obvious:
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  • If you promised a bonus on your creatives or pre-landing, it must be indicated on the landing page, as well as the receiving conditions. It’s crucial not to lose the user’s trust and not scare him off. After all, our ultimate goal is to get a conversion, right?
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Now you know how to attract as many users as possible to your offer and get a high Click through.

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