How to Run TikTok Gambling Ads

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In the fast-paced domain of digital advertising, TikTok has carved out a significant niche, captivating a diverse global audience. However, when it comes to the promotion of gambling content, TikTok introduces a stringent set of challenges, especially when compared to other platforms like Meta.

This post is designed to unravel the complexities of effectively running gambling ads on TikTok. We aim to empower businesses with strategic insights and practical tips to successfully launch and execute their gambling campaigns on this platform.

TikTok Advertising Policy for Gambling and Games

They prioritize user safety by regulating gambling and related activities. TikTok regulations aim to ensure a secure and positive environment for all users.


TikTok does not allow ad content and landing pages to sell, solicit, or facilitate access to casinos or gambling activities, either on online websites or in physical establishments, where money is cashed in or cashed out.

The following are examples of what is not allowed:

  • Free credits, vouchers, and coupons, in any form, including printed or digital codes, for use in casinos or gambling games
  • Websites, software, products, or services that facilitate or drive traffic to casinos and gambling games or their related content, including odds calculators, tips and tricks, rules and strategies, hot picks, or forecasts
  • Games of luck or chance, such as scratch-off games, bingo, or any other similar games or apps that could result in monetary or valuable prize gain
  • Tools, instruments, devices, props, or any other accessories or supplies for use in casinos or gambling games

Targeting Strategy

Our approach to TikTok’s advertising landscape for gambling ads is meticulous and multifaceted. We steer clear of direct gambling-related targeting, exploring a variety of interests that have a close affinity with gambling. For example, we target casual gamers interested in games and rely on TikTok’s algorithmic targeting to optimize campaign performance.

We also employ broad targeting strategies, utilizing casino-related keywords in our ad copy (albeit covertly), which allows TikTok’s system to automatically target the most receptive audience. In addition, we focus on demographics known for their engagement with gambling, such as college-going males, to increase the relevance and effectiveness of our campaigns.

In-depth research into slot-related content and preferences within specific gambling communities informs our copy and creative decisions, enabling us to craft highly resonant messaging that reflects local trends and cultural nuances.

Creative Strategy

TikTok’s advertising guidelines prohibit direct gambling elements, which necessitates a creative approach to campaign design. Our strategy includes user-generated content that portrays individuals enjoying mobile games, as well as leveraging popular video trends, which are reimagined to reflect our clients’ brand messaging.

Memes and covert messages that subtly suggest the excitement of winning are integral to our creative toolkit. We avoid direct gambling references, instead highlighting the fun and competitive aspects of online games.

Campaigns featuring prizes and contests are utilized to draw attention and engagement while adhering to TikTok’s advertising standards.

Landing Page Strategy

Our landing page design is intricately linked to our ad campaigns, mirroring the messaging and themes presented in our ads while avoiding the direct promotion of gambling.

Campaign Examples with Industry Benchmark Comparison

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Our campaigns demonstrate an unparalleled level of engagement and cost-efficiency. For instance, Campaign A achieved a CTR of 30.73% with a CPC of less than $0.01, while Campaign B reached a 14.08% CTR, both significantly surpassing TikTok’s average CTR of 1-3% and PPC benchmarks across various platforms.

Conclusion and Future Directions

The evolving landscape of gambling advertising on TikTok suggests a future where adaptability and strategic innovation will be crucial. Our agency stands ready to guide businesses through these changes, offering access to our gambling case studies, creative samples, and membership to our newsletter for deeper insights.

To learn more about how we can assist your advertising efforts on TikTok, get in touch with us.

By staying at the forefront of TikTok’s advertising developments and continuously refining our strategies, we ensure our campaigns not only comply with current guidelines but also set new standards for engagement and success in the world of digital marketing.

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