How To Promote iGaming Advertising Campaigns On Social Media

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Are you looking to increase the visibility of your iGaming advertising campaigns on social media platforms? With the rise of online gaming, it’s essential to effectively promote your brand to stand out in a competitive market.

Social media has become a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience and driving engagement. When it comes to promoting iGaming campaigns, leveraging social media platforms can be a game-changer for attracting new players and generating leads.

In this article, we will discuss the strategies and techniques you can use to effectively promote your iGaming advertising campaigns on social media. From creating engaging content to utilizing targeted ads, we will explore the best practices to help you achieve success in promoting your brand in the online gaming industry.

A Rise In The Number Of Gambling Advertisements On Social Media

There’s been a crackdown on gambling advertisements across different channels, but it seems social media has been left unscathed.

It’s estimated that around 3.48 billion people use social media, a 9% increase from the number of people using it last year. With so many people using social media regularly, it’s no wonder so many businesses have used social platforms to promote their products or content.

According to a report by Hootsuite, around seven million businesses use paid advertising on Facebook and around two million businesses use paid advertising on Instagram. In addition, over two million advertisers use stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

With that in mind, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of gambling advertisements appearing on social media channels, particularly Facebook and Instagram. The ads were first spotted on Facebook several months ago, highlighting new special offers from online casinos such as Casumo and LeoVegas, but I’ve since spotted them on Instagram too.

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The ads on the photo-sharing platform appear through stories where they promote a new welcome offer or a special slot game with links to their websites where customers can register. These advertisements, which promoted sites such as Party Casino and Guts, have sparked worry that they may appeal to minors due to the large number of under-18s using the platform but the UK Gambling Commission has policies that prohibit these firms from airing ads to underage users.

In fact, under the UK Gambling Commission, licensees are prohibited from appealing to minors (By featuring animated characters) and featuring anyone under the age of 25 in adverts.

However, each social media platform has its policies regarding gambling advertisements which ban certain promotions from appearing.

Gambling Ads On Social Media

After some research, I’ve found that Facebook and Instagram’s policy states that the platforms can only promote online gambling with prior written permission and that said adverts must only target people over the age of 18 in the jurisdictions where permission has been granted.

LeoVegas Ad
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Meanwhile, ads prohibited from appearing on Facebook and Instagram include the portrayal or encouragement of irresponsible gambling behavior, presenting gambling as a source of income or an alternative to employment, and content that uses currency symbols unrelated to a specific monetary amount.

Twitter bans advertisements for brick-and-mortar casinos worldwide except in the UK. In the United Kingdom, advertisements promoting online casinos, sports betting, bingo, and lottery can appear on Twitter provided the advertisers are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Still, this means that you are susceptible to these ads, even if you have no connection to the gambling industry or any search history related to it.

Leading gambling charity BeGambleAware, which funds the research and treatment of problem gambling, has suggested ways you can limit the number of gambling ads appearing on your social platforms. 

Social Media Strategies for a Winning iGaming Ad Campaign

The allure of iGaming draws a massive audience on social media platforms. But with restrictions on directly promoting gambling activities, how can you craft engaging campaigns that generate interest without breaking the bank?

Here are some creative social media strategies to supercharge your iGaming advertising efforts:

Embrace Organic Reach:

Compelling Content is King: Create high-quality, informative content that resonates with your target audience. This could include industry news, game tutorials (be mindful of showcasing actual gameplay), or even listicles related to the broader gaming culture.

Community Building: Foster a community around your brand on social media. Host interactive polls, quizzes, or even AMAs (Ask Me Anything) featuring industry experts (avoid promoting specific games or gambling activities during AMAs).

Livestreaming Power: Utilize platforms like Twitch or YouTube Live to showcase the excitement of your iGaming platform (without directly showing gameplay). Partner with streamers or influencers who align with your brand for sponsored streams or reviews (ensure compliance with platform guidelines).

Paid Advertising with a Twist

  • Target Wisely: Social media platforms offer advanced targeting options. Focus on demographics and interests relevant to your iGaming niche, excluding users below the legal gambling age.
  • Promote Ancillary Services: Since directly advertising games is restricted, consider promoting ancillary services related to your platform. This could include information about responsible gambling practices, loyalty program benefits (if applicable), or strategy guides for games that fall outside the realm of online gambling (e.g., building a strong poker hand).
  • Influencer Marketing Magic: Partner with social media influencers who cater to your target audience. Leverage their reach and credibility to promote your brand indirectly. Influencers can create engaging content showcasing the entertainment value your platform offers while adhering to platform guidelines.

Things To Consider When Promoting Gambling On Social Media

Transparency is Key: Be upfront about your connection to iGaming on your social media profiles and within your content.

Responsible Gambling Advocacy: Demonstrate your commitment to responsible gambling by promoting healthy practices and including resources for help within your social media strategy.

Track and Adapt: Monitor your social media performance metrics to see what resonates with your audience. Continuously adapt your content strategy and approach based on data and engagement.

By implementing these creative social media tactics, you can reach your target audience, build brand awareness, and ultimately drive interest in your iGaming platform without breaking the bank on expensive advertising campaigns. Remember, building trust and fostering a community is key to long-term success in the social media landscape.

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