How To Generate Leads For a Sports Betting Website

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You probably know how to run high-converting Facebook Ads. But online advertising doesn’t end there. You can take it a step further using Google Ads – and that’s what this case study aims to show you.

This guide lets you see easy ways of creating Google Ads funnels for a sports betting website. Furthermore, a detailed breakdown will help you build one for your business, regardless of your industry.

About the client

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If you’re a heavy fan of any sport, you must have heard about online sports betting. Well, it’s a profitable endeavor and lots of people across the globe are benefiting from it. However, some people are still skeptical of its viability, and as such cannot put their weight behind it.

The client handles any objections about sports betting, and they offer a reliable way to place bets online and win big with little or no risk.

Imagine earning big by merely betting on games you’re almost sure of winning. That’s synonymous with earning without doing any actual work — and that’s what you get by using our client’s services.

The best part…

People who sign up for our main offer will receive a free digital sports betting book that offers free bets, and the best tips for sports betting that boost your chances of winning a bet by 200%.

Although the client has approval from Google to run sports betting ads, they experienced some problems.

The problems

Running a high-performing Facebook campaign is no guarantee of having a successful Google Ads campaign — and that’s the exact case with this client. They had a strong and effective Facebook campaign, but when it came to Google Ads, it was pretty much an underperforming campaign.

Here are the challenges we encountered during the process.


One of the major challenges lies in the keywords. Sports betting is a competitive industry, and as such, the keywords are expensive. The primary challenge is to come up with keywords whose cost per click (CPC) is not very high — and that takes a lot of work to do.

After that, we had to come up with ways of generating conversions for the client. Conversion in this context means sign-ups. After all, the major objective of the client is to generate more signups for their free digital sports betting book. 

Speaking of conversions, one way of getting more of them is by ensuring that the campaign texts are correct. Since the language is primarily Portuguese, coming up with an accurate text in Portuguese was a priority. After all, that’s the primary means of communicating with the audience.

There are no challenges without solutions — and here are the solutions to the challenges discovered during the campaign.


We had to perform careful and extensive keyword research to find a balance between monthly searches, competition, and the keywords’ cost per click. That is, keywords with a relatively lower cost per click, and competition should be sought after. After looking out for all these pieces in the keywords, emphasis was also placed on keywords with a sizable monthly search volume.

There is no need to go for keywords that lack the required monthly search volume. If the keywords have little to no monthly search volume, then going for such sets of keywords will be of no use.

Again, the ideal keywords need to be somewhat competitive with high monthly search volume and lower cost per click.

Moving on, we had to highlight the benefits of using their platform — and that’s where a compelling copy comes in.

No one will opt for an online betting platform if the benefits of using the platform are not adequately highlighted. One of the best ways of highlighting the benefits is by clearly stating the incentives  — and that includes the 10 Euro bonus users receive as they sign up.

Anyone who is into online sports betting is primarily focused on one thing — earning more. And they get to start by earning a 10 Euro bonus by signing up on a sports betting platform. 

That counts as a good deal!

To get the campaign up and running, here is the process the marketing team had to follow.


The campaign started as Search ads. But why Search ads? Because search networks connect advertisers to people who are more likely to buy. Typically, these customer segments have higher intent and they are actively looking for products to buy. In this case, search ads help to connect the company with people who are more likely to opt for an online sports betting platform.

But everything doesn’t end with search ads. The team had to run some Display ads campaigns. With Display advertising, the company was positioned on sites relevant to the customer avatar. 

For clarity, the Search ads and Display ads were two different campaigns — and they were not run concurrently.

Finally, the team had to set up a tracking system using Google Tag Manager. With the setup, sign-ups were tracked and everything was designed in such a way as to ensure easy monitoring of the campaign.


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Use Google Ads to Generate More Leads For Your Sports Betting Website

Google Ads is a sure way of reaching millions of people across the globe. As a business owner, you’re most likely interested in attracting high-interest people to your business. Well, Google ads can help you do just that.

All you need is the right set of keywords. Speaking of the right keywords, these keywords need to have a sizable monthly search volume, competition, and a relatively low CPC. You’ve got to find the balance between these three!

Yes, it’s hard work. And that’s why you need to outsource to a reliable team like Cliqbetter Agency. We use online advertising to attract the right people to your business.

Reaching out to the team is somewhat straightforward. You can send a message via this contact form.

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