How To Advertise Anything On Facebook, Twitter, Google, Or Any Other Ad Network

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In the digital age, advertising has become essential for businesses seeking to reach their target audience effectively. With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, advertising opportunities have expanded significantly.

In this blog post, we will explore a new method that can help businesses advertise anything on these networks with success. By leveraging this innovative approach, companies can enhance their online presence and boost their marketing efforts.

How to Run Ads For Anything With This New Method

Online advertising is hard. And it’s getting harder day by day. 

Ask any advertiser, and he will tell you so. 

Although iOS14 updates affected the industry like Putin’s war cries affected the global supply chains, most would agree it’s not the hardest thing one has to face.

The hardest thing, if you probe an advertiser enough is the maintenance, upkeep, and procuring of ad accounts to run ads; smoothly, at scale, and without any interruptions.

The situation is so bizarre, that services offering accounts charge more than services offering to manage and run ads.

Ad accounts are prime advertising real estate. We understand that and we understand the pain you (the one who lost their ad account) are going through.

The Pre-Lander Method

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Over the years, we’ve come up with many industry-defining methods that continue to be used by marketers & our clients to this date. 

One of them was the Chatbot method that helped advertisers run any kind of ads. It was hugely successful, especially with our Crypto, Forex, and Gambling clients.

The Chatbot method simply was a bridge connecting the Facebook ad and the ‘money’ site, bypassing the Facebook reviewer as the website URL was presented after the conversation was initiated.

It worked great and still works great. However, before this method (& even today) people used cloakers.

The biggest advantage of a Cloaker is the higher conversion rate & the biggest disadvantage is the frequency of account bans.

For some, the higher conversion rate justified the headache of the account ban. But for most, with the rising account prices, the complexity of procuring & maintaining the ad accounts, and combined with the difficulty of advertising blackhat services, it was a complete deal breaker.

Chatbot solved the second issue, almost entirely. It also produced leads that were great for follow-ups & retargeting campaigns. Something, a Cloaker cannot do.

However, it did lead to lower conversion rates compared to direct advertising. The primary reason was the unusual user experience. The user had to leave Facebook after entering into a Messaging channel. That was odd and we knew that.

However, the success of the method & the potential of advertising on Facebook (and Instagram), made it a sweet deal for a lot of advertisers.

But we wanted more, and we believe we did find it.

Why The Pre-Lander Method

Pre-Landers solve 3 main issues:

  1. Frequent account bans
  2. Lower Conversion Rates
  3. Unusual User Experiences

By maintaining the bridge between the ad & our ‘money’ site, like the Chatbot, it solved account bans immediately.

Offering a pin-pointed, very visible CTA solved both the conversion rates & the odd conversion flows.

Now user knows what to do exactly when they land on our ‘pre-landers’ i.e. click the button and visit the website.

Pre-landers are also cheaper to design & develop. Thus the client saves money.

Although, pre-landers have been used before in the affiliate world. Ours are much simpler and are very clear in what we want the user to do.

The selling is done via the ad, the conversion happens on the ‘money’ site. 

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Bonus Method

Double Cloaking

Since it’s blackhat, the Pre-lander method or any other method will not be able to 100% eliminate the risk of account bans.

However, by cloaking the link on the pre-lander, you can further secure your links. We personally believe it’s overkill but works for the paranoid marketer.

Cloakers vs Chatbots vs Pre-Landers

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Pre-Lander Examples

Scroll till the end to get some of our top-converting landing page examples

About CliqBetter

CliqBetter has been offering a full suite of Blackhat advertising services since 2019. We not only offer ad management but accounts, payment methods, chatbots & landing pages. We also accept payments via Crypto.

Get started with your project by either messaging us here or getting a quick quote for yourself.

Pre-landing page examples for 10 top verticals

In this part, we will show some examples and approaches of pre-landers used in marketing.

Note, that prelanding pages for verticals might vary in terms of functionality of the pre-lander or approaches of the ‘hook-up’.

We will show examples of the pre-landing pages for the following 10 marketing verticals:

  • E-Commerce;
  • Gambling;
  • Sweepstakes;
  • Nutra;
  • Gaming;
  • VPN;
  • Dating;
  • Media;
  • Finance;
  • Utilities.

1. E-Commerce

E-Commerce pre-landing page example in the affiliate marketing
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The purpose of the pre-landing page: to show the catalogue of the most interesting products; imply the idea of how easy it is to purchase; and demonstrate that users even win by buying here at these prices.

Pre-landers for E-Commerce offers vary depending on the product, but the main is pretty much the same — demonstrate the product and make an impression that it’s an exclusive offer. Mostly, such prelanders contain a listing of the most interesting products, sometimes paired with a big banner ‘Sale’ header.

For example, the pre-landing page looks like a website shop with the most interesting products. Such pages provide a full legitimate appearance, showing the goods and a way to buy them straightaway. Generally speaking, the pre-landing page looks like a full-fledged commercial website. The buttons on the page offer to go to the official website of the manufacturer or supplier to order the product.

2. Gambling

Gambling pre-landing page example in the affiliate marketing
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Gambling free-spin pre-landing page example in the affiliate marketing
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The purpose of the pre-landing page: to demonstrate that online casinos are easy money and interesting simple games; let feel the courage of games; and show how many bonuses and welcoming prizes they might be getting.

Pre-landers for Gambling vertical offers usually consist of two types: a free-spin wheel or a welcome bonus page with a simple registration form. A free-spin wheel (also known as a ‘fortune wheel’) encourages users to take a first step, which will cost them nothing but promises a lot of bonuses in the end. A bonus promising page will also do, as users can see what they will get straight away in a highlighted and clear form right above it.

For example, the pre-lander is designed as a free online game. After passing it, the user will get a bonus when registering or making a deposit. Upon the victory, the user would want to play more, which means that they are ready to become a lead. On the pre-landing page, you can place a tempting offer with a button saying “Play Now” or “Hit the Jackpot”, etc.

3. Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes quiz pre-landing page example in the affiliate marketing
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Sweepstakes survey pre-landing page example in the affiliate marketing
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The purpose of the pre-landing pages: to motivate the user to become a lead; to convince them that they don’t lose anything. On the contrary, they might get a valuable prize.

For Sweepstakes offer a survey-themed or quiz-oriented pre-lander is considered to be the most popular option. Such prelanding pages allow users to engage with the offer via an illustration that they make an effort to be selected, thus potentially getting an increased chance to win the prize.

For example, you can use pre-landing questionnaires for Sweepstakes: “Are you satisfied with your phone?” The pre-landing page button leads to the landing page and can encourage users to take action: “Win a new phone.” Sweepstakes for pre-landing pages can look like a gift shopping page. The buttons, of course, will lead to the landing page for the user to register or fill out the participation form to enter the giveaway.

4. Nutra

Nutra research pre-landing page example in the affiliate marketing
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The purpose of the pre-landing page: show the real results after using the product. You can use before/after photos, opinions of doctors, comments, analysis of the ingredients, and overviews of the product’s properties.

For Nutra offers pre-landers serve the purpose of showing a science-based approach behind the distribution. Such pages advertise by illustrating how much research is put into the development of the product and cover all the questions people might have about it in advance. This approach builds trust around the product, proving it’s what it claims to be, and that it can be clear about that. Users get a feeling they have enough knowledge and are ready to perform a targeted action.

For example, the landing page example contains a common Nutra advertisement in the affiliate marketing ‘science-research’ of the product. It can show all the back data, provide the credentials of the specialists, and simply touch related topics on physiology so that it remains comprehensible. Practically, such pages look like a research article, leading users to feel that they’re getting as much as a doctor’s appointment treatment. The buttons on the page redirect users to the website where they can purchase or place an order.

5. Gaming

Gaming niche pre-landing page example in the affiliate marketing
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The purpose of the pre-landing page: to show the graphics in all its glory; and to make users interested in the gameplay.

For advertising, gaming offers the pre-landers with a simple depiction of the game that is considered to perform the best. Users must get the idea of how entertaining unique or advanced the game is, but make sure it’s only one step away from playing it. The bridge between seeing the page and playing the game must be presented as a matter of seconds.

For example: on the pre-landing page, there might be colorful screenshots, a promotional video about the game, a small description, or a choice of choosing a playable character. Usually, it’s a single-page pre-lander, and the button says “Play” or “Download”.

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Multiple Blackhat campaigns (Cannabis, Gambling. etc) are being run with the new method


Pre-landers serve the purpose of an additional engagement stage with the audience, that secures the lead quality and warms up users before showing the offer. Also, prelanders are open to experimenting with advertising approaches, as the more diverse the hook is, the higher the chance to target every bit of the audience. Now, knowing how pre-landing pages operate within the advertising industry by these examples, you can consider utilizing them in your ad campaigns.

We at CliqBetter approve of using pre-landing pages for ad campaigns, since they help provide a boost in performance. Also, we’ve prepared our platform to be capable of running ads with full addition on push ads, pop ads, in-pages, direct click, and native ads! You can launch a campaign on over 220 geos worldwide from Tier 3 to Tier 1 and get profit from our quality traffic!

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